Don’t know East London bakery Vicky’s Donuts? Get to know it, seriously. Having brought foodporn to the masses on a weekly basis at Chatsworth Road Market , Vicky Graham and her modest donut empire set up shop in 2015 and the orders haven’t stopped since. Her freshly made creations, from insta-worthy pizzas slices to cartoon perfection classics, have been popping up all over the city at chic magazine launches and corporate events, with regular market appearances also remaining at the heart of the operation for a sugar fix on the go.

Vicky’s Donuts
Vicky’s Donuts

So, where did it all begin?
You hear stories about how being made redundant changed people’s lives and it’s easy to dismiss – but it’s true! I’ve always loved baking and used to run a baking blog in my spare time, always thinking about the next thing to make! I’m not the kind of person to sit down and do nothing and when my role came to an end, I decide this was the time to do something with baking.

As a nation, we’re obsessed with the next food trend, from cupcakes and cronuts to rainbow bagels. Why donuts?
I’ve always had a weird obsession with them – I don’t know why but they seem to make everyone happy! They were such a treat when I was kid – I used to visit my family in Canada where donuts for breakfast was the norm and I always thought the UK was missing out! The best thing about donuts for me is that you can do so much with them – not just with their taste but with their appearance too.

Vicky’s Donuts

When do you find yourself at your busiest?
National Donut Day, of course! That was mental and it wasn’t even the UK version. Corporate companies keep me busy throughout the year but especially in January which surprised me – I think everyone needed cheering up post- Christmas!

What’s The Funniest Batch You’ve Had To Make?
I get a lot from boyfriends and girlfriends, spelling out “You’ll Do!” for their anniversaries. I would love to do a proposal! I’ve also been asked to spell out swear words but I dread to think who that message is for…

Vicky’s Donuts

And The Weirdest…?
I love taking requests and I do get all sorts. Recently, a girl sent me a picture of her pug and asked me to recreate him in donut form – she even reminded me to make sure I got his little brown eyebrows!

You’re a London Market regular – what’s the city’s favourite flavour?
Hands down, it’s The Homer – made with raspberry and lemon icing and sprinkles. Strangely people always seem to assume, as they’re pretty, they won’t taste of anything so it’s great to surprise them. At least once a week, a familiar face will come back for more! Custom wise, it’s got to be a chocolate Happy Birthday!

Vicky’s Donuts
Vicky’s Donuts

Describe Your Signature Style
In the kitchen it’s all about comfort and freedom in a simple t-shirt and jeans. Outside, I love ready-in-under-5 dresses and pieces with a 90s spin.

What’s next for Vicky’s Donuts?
I’ve just started taking my stall to Kerb, one of London’s most renowned food markets from Kings Cross to the Gherkin! It’s going to be huge but I’m so excited.