What’s hot and happening this week – June 17th – June 23rd

Gingham trend


Coveted by press and loved by you, our gingham collection is back by popular demand. Whether it’s an off-the-shoulder midi dress that evokes the summertime spirit of Brigitte Bardot or a mono checked bomber-blouse hybrid that’s perfect with cropped denim for the weekend, it’s our newest print obsession. Contributing to this season’s modern ladylike demeanour, we’re hailing our tailored midi skirt as the new hero piece with sports sheers and urban accessories.



Do you know your cobra from your downward dog or is your yoga knowledge restricted to Janelle Monae’s anthem of the same name? No judgement from our corner should it be the latter – it is, after all, a sensationally catchy song – but we digress. The opportunity to test your flex and learn the ancient techniques of yoga has never been better with Sunday 19th June playing host to National Yoga Day. Londoners, try heading to Alexandra Palace for an entire day of free sessions led by some of the country’s most respected intructors. Looking for something more unusual? Manchester is taking to the skies (well, almost) at BodyBarre studio, hoisting the traditional moves into mid-air with their guaranteed-to-be-fun aerial yoga course.
National Yoga Day, 19th June

The Switch House


Following years in the making, the London art scene is about to issue a warm welcome to the New Tate Modern. A new 10 storey building, The Switch House, has been created behind the original iconic power station with additional galleries, meeting spaces and showcases and will be officially unveiled to the public this weekend at long last. Turn up for the opening and you could stumble upon 500 people singing in a choral piece, crafted by artist Peter Liversidge, or find your place in ‘This Is Where We Are’, a large-scale digital sculpture using live data from visitors and the building. This is just the excuse you needed to get a bit cultural with your weekends.
The New Tate Modern opening weekend, 17th – 19th June

Tales of Tales


A stark departure from the childhood fairy tales we’re used to, Italian Director has ensured that a little nightime reading has seriously grown up with his latest cinematic offering, Tales of Tales. Bold, bizarre and undeniably fantastical; Selma Hayek stars in this patchwork of stories by the seventeenth century writer Giamattista Basile. Think ogres, giant fleas and a Queen (enter Hayek) eating the bloodied heart of a sea monster. Trust us, this is at once scary and silly and definitely not the precursor to a good night’s sleep. A combination of exquisite costume, inconceivable oddities and mystical settings make this the perfect antidode to an industry awash with run-of-the-mill RomComs and remakes.
In cinemas now

Summer Solistice


Though with weather like this it’s hard to believe, we are about to declare the Great British Weather as having officially arrived this Monday. That’s right, the summer equinox is here for the year’s longest day meaning there’s no better time to stay out a little later with those post-work drinks. Slightly more feasible than making it down to Stone Henge by the 4.43am sunrise, start planning your summer wardrobe now – but maybe don’t discount the rain just yet.
Summer Solistice, 20th June